On Tuesday at Stillhouse Hollow Lake, Mike Wilson and Rich Long took second place in the Tuesday Night Tournament with an 8.47-pound bag.

“Well, Rich and I have second-place down pat,” said Wilson, of Nolanville. “This is the second time we’ve finished in second place. We just can’t seem to break into first place.”

Long lives in Belton.

“On Tuesday, Rich and I thought we’d finish in first or second place once we brought in a 5-pounder,” Wilson said. “We just needed a little more weight and we’d have won it.”

The team of Craig Gilbert-Dexter Thompson took first place with a 9.16-pound bag.

“This tournament, no matter what, is a lot of fun every week,” said Wilson.

“It’s a family out there. Everyone knows each other. It’s competitive and we all want to win. But we’re all also out there to help each other out. Dean and Rodney do a great job running this event.”

Dean Thompson and Rodney Thompson own Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle, the sponsor of the Tuesday Night Tournament.

“I grew up fishing,” Wilson said. “I fished in my first tournament when I was 12 and now I’m 42. I grew up in Florida and my dad was a fishing guide.”

Wilson moved to Texas in 1995.

“It’s a learning curve when you move to Texas,” he said.

“In Florida, the deepest water in the lakes is usually 10 feet. Here in Texas when you say ‘I’m fishing deep’ you mean you’re at 30 or 40 feet.”

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