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Michael Solden landed this 7.21 pound Stillhouse Hollow largemouth bass to anchor the 3-fish limit caught by him and his partner, Gary Johnson.  The team's 14.44 pounds of fish won them $1,280 during the first of 30 consecutive Tuesday night 3X9 Series tournaments.

Dean Thompson, operations manager of the Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle 3x9 Series said, “We were really happy with our first night of the new season. We had 56 boats last night,” as he spoke about Tuesday night’s tournament held on Stillhouse Hollow Lake.

It took three bass weighing a total of 14.44 pounds to win first place in this tournament which took place between 6 and 9:30 p.m.

The first place team of Michael Soden and Gary Johnson brought in that catch which included the contest’s largest bass which weighed 7.21 pounds.

Second place went to last season’s championship winners, Craig Gilbert and Dexter Thompson. Their top three fish weighed 10.67 pounds.

Third place went to James Hester and Bobby Smith with their 10.53 pounds. Fourth place went to Blake Woolbright and his partner, David Kipp. The pair brought 9.90 pounds of fish to the scales.

Given that this was the first of the series’ thirty tournaments, the night’s results are currently the series-to-date results, as well.

Texas Boat World recently announced changes to the Belton Wednesday Nighter tournament on Belton Lake. The tournament, which has been hosted out of Rogers Park by Daniel and Adrian Barnes for the last 12 years, will be moving to Temple Lake Park once their permit is secured. This move will allow for additional parking and better facilities for participating anglers.

Beginning Wednesday, the series will be renamed the Texas Boat World Wednesday Night Open Series.

Contact Daniel Barnes at 254-258-2305 or Adrian 254-760-3356 for information.

This column will carry both series’ results on a weekly basis.

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