Ingo Smith displays the largest bass taken at Tuesday's 3x9 Series bass tournament. The fish, landed by Ingo's partner and Mercury Pro Team member Quinten Twiggs, weighed 7.32 pounds.


Participation in Tuesday’s 3x9 Series bass tournament was diminished somewhat as severe weather threatened the area. As storms wound up passing from north to south out to the west of our area,48 two-angler teams launched from Stillhouse Park in a three-hour pursuit of the heaviest sack of three fish they could catch.

The water on Stillhouse is about as clear as it has ever been.

Several factors have contributed to this, including a lack of flooding rain recently, the resurgence of hydrilla and the infestation of zebra mussels. Clear water often pushes fish deeper under bright, daytime conditions.

As dusk approaches, fish tend to move to and hunt in shallower water, thus being more readily caught than when in a more neutral feeding mode out in deeper water.

Several teams rose to the challenge of catching numbers of quality fish in these challenging weather and water conditions.

The first-place team ran away from the pack with their catch, which was exceeding the next best team’s total weight by nearly five pounds.

Jon Stegmeyer and Jerry Fuller’s top three fish weighed in at 17.59 pounds. This top finish earned the pair a total of $1,175.

The second-place team of Mercury Pro Team member Quinten Twiggs and Ingo Smith caught the tournament’s single largest bass, which tipped the scales at 7.32 pounds. This fish anchored their string, which tallied 12.72 pounds and allowed these anglers to take home a check for $270.

Twiggs reported his big fish came on a watermelon-colored soft plastic bait fished on a Carolina rig near a combination of hydrilla and wood cover.

Third place went to Justin Rogers and Ron Stuart. Their haul weighed in 12.49 pounds.

Fourth place went to Charlie Gantenbein and Wendy Randolph.

In all, 104 fish were brought to the scales, and the cumulative weight of those fish was 300.02 pounds with an average per-fish weight of 2.88 pounds.

Eleven fish over five pounds were brought to the scales, continuing this season’s streak of healthy bass being taken by 3x9 Series anglers.

Interested tournament anglers may join the series at any point in the season.

For more information, contact Dean Thompson at 254-690-3474.

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