Quinten Twiggs holds the 8.02-pound largemouth that earned him the Big Bass Award at Tuesday’s 3X9 Series tourney. The fish helped Twiggs and his partner, Ingo Smith, place third overall.

In 3X9 Series bass tourney action at Stillhouse Hollow Lake, 44 teams competed Tuesday evening to bring in the heaviest three-fish sack each could find within the three-hour tournament time limit.

Of those, 21 teams brought in fish to be weighed.

A total of only 54 fish were weighed in this week, with a cumulative weight of 154.87 pounds, yielding a per-fish average weight of 2.87 pounds. All fish were successfully released alive.

When all was said and done, the team of Billy Hirschman and Willie Vickers prevailed with a total weight of 14.31 pounds of bass caught.

Close behind were the second-place finishers, Wade and Jim Golden, who weighed in 13.59 pounds of fish.

In third were two familiar figures — Quinten Twiggs and Ingo Smith — last week’s tournament winners. The pair brought in 13.15 pounds of bass.

Twiggs, a Mercury Outboard Pro Team member and Texas Boat World Triton boat owner, said he and Smith enjoyed a second week of success fishing deep water — around 30 feet deep — with Carolina rigs rigged up with soft plastic baits.

Said Twiggs: “The fishing was really tough this week. It was hot and windless and it always seems to be tougher when that wind isn’t putting at least a little chop on the water.”

Twiggs and Smith caught only four fish, but their largest went 8.02 pounds, thus catapulting them into the top three in the standings.

Twiggs, who works for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and his partner have been fishing together now for two seasons and are long-time friends.

The Tuesday night series now heads into its 19th week of a 30-week schedule slated to wrap up at the end of September before qualifiers compete in the championship round.

Newcomers are always welcome to join in at any point in the season according to tournament organizer Dean Thompson of Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle. Contact Thompson at 254-690-3474.

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