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In 2015, the NFL broke from tradition and held its annual Draft in Chicago, and no one would argue that it wasn’t a huge success. In 2016 the Draft was again held in Chicago, and again it was a huge success.

Next week, the Draft will be held in Philadelphia, and I’m sure the City of Brotherly Love will put on a fantastic event. To date, there has not been an announcement as to where the 2018 NFL Draft will be held, but it has been reported on various occasions that the favorite city is Dallas.

Other cities in contention are reported to be Kansas City and Denver. It has also been reported that Los Angeles will get to hold a Draft in the near future because of the amount of money that has been spent on the Rams new Stadium and offices.

Let me say that I am against any city that has the capability of holding a Super Bowl being allowed to host a NFL Draft. Why? Because the Super Bowl is obviously an opportunity to show off that city and bring in millions of dollars from people who will travel to that destination for the supreme event in sport.

I am of the belief that smaller NFL cities — cities that will never be able to hold a Super Bowl — should have a chance to host the Draft. My thinking is very simple, it’s only fair!

Northern NFL cities with Dome Stadiums have had opportunities to host Super Bowls, including Detroit, Minneapolis and Indianapolis. Add to that the fact Indianapolis hosts the Scouting Combine every year, so they should be excluded.

The cities I would love to see host a Draft include Cincinnati, Buffalo, Kansas City, Denver, Baltimore and Seattle. These are fine cities that have the infrastructure to handle a big event. Buffalo hosted both the NHL Scouting Combine and the NHL Draft, and there wasn’t a single negative review. So why shouldn't they host a Draft?

Cincinnati and Kansas City have outstanding downtown areas that could easily help put on an outstanding event. The same holds true for Denver.

If the NFL was smart, they would see the advantages of holding the Draft in these fine places. The fans of these fine franchises would come out in droves to attend the event. You don’t think Lambeau Field would be packed if the Draft was held in Green Bay?

The league's decision-makers in New York should see the advantages of holding the Draft in these smaller NFL cities. It would make a great event that much better.

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