Killeen ISD Deputy Superintendent Bobby Ott is confident Fort Hood officials understand how important public access to the new Hood Stadium is to the school district’s side of their partnership.How much access to a second football stadium is worth, though, still needs to be decided.

In a presentation Tuesday at a KISD board of trustees workshop, Ott said Fort Hood is committed to making the partnership between the two entities work, including plans for direct access to the on-base stadium. Once a comfortable access solution is worked out — the two sides next meet July 13 — KISD must submit an appraisal to Fort Hood that will put a monetary value on the district’s expected usage of the facility.

“That value is what ends up on the lease agreement or the lease package. And how we participate in the payment of that can be done in several different ways — it can be done in payment-in-kind, it can be done in cash,” Ott said.

Ott explained a payment-in-kind would be any amenity, not already included current building contract, that would benefit the Army.

The stadium will include an eight-lane track, designed per UIL standards, a regulation football and soccer field, four softball fields, a press box, concession stands and home and visitor locker rooms.

“There’s not too many avenues, at this point, for payment-in-kind. I can just tell from the conversations ... that they would certainly embrace our participation being the additional seating on the East side,” Ott said.

The facility is planned to seat 5,500 on the home side and another 5,000-10,000 on the infield. What it does not have is visitor seating.

A barrier could be added to separate the stands, but Ott said that was an idea Fort Hood was not “embracing.”

KISD board member Kenneth Ray was not keen on investing that kind of money — an estimated $1 million to build a 5,000-seat visitor’s side — into a facility Killeen ISD doesn’t own, especially in the current financial climate.

“I question — seriously question — what our population, what our constituents would have to say about us investing capital money off campus with all the publicity that has surrounded these financial consequences — cut-backs, program changes, etc. — that we’ve had restricted over the last few months,” Ray said.

Leo Buckley Stadium, on the campus of Killeen High School, is home to all four of the district’s high schools. In addition to traditional Friday night football games, the stadium also hosts games on either Thursdays or Saturdays, as well, something the district is looking to avoid by possibly using the new Hood Stadium as a second site for in-town games.

The school board has also entertained building its own second stadium at Shoemaker High School, but the price tag on that idea was estimated to be more than $2 million.

Fort Hood broke ground on the new $13.8 million Hood Stadium in early May and expects the facility to be ready for use by September 2012.

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