Bow season is underway.

“So far,” said Mike Myers, of Belton, “it’s been OK.”

Myers is an outdoors expert. Last year, he set a new all-time record for the largest buck ever taken from Fort Hood.

“I’ve had some bucks come in this year, some smaller bucks,” Myers said, “But my standards are pretty high now so I didn’t take any in. I’m looking for a mature buck — at least 135 or 140 inches of horn.”

The bow season got started three weeks ago.

“The weather has been really hot and that makes things difficult,” Myers said. “This new rain that is coming in should make a world of difference. We need the rain and the animals need the rain. I know there have been a few bucks taken, nothing really big. The bow season runs until the 6th of November. The gun season then starts on the 7th.

“This rain allows the grass to grow. Deer need moisture as well. The cooler weather will make it easier for the deer to run around. The deer don’t move around when it’s 95 degrees outside.”

Deer can only be harvested from sunrise to sunset.

“The cooler weather will help the deer get up and move around during the daylight hours,” Myers said.

Myers offered some tips for novice hunters.

“The typical thing to do is to put up ladder stands, tents, find your spot, and do some scouting,” Myers said. “There are a lot of things you can do to improve your chances. The best thing you can do is use deer cameras. They tell you exactly what is and what isn’t.

“You also must be diversified. There is so much training at Fort Hood now so you need more than just one stand. You better your odds by having more stands.”

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