The forecast on Sunday is for 35 degrees.

And Mike Myers, of Belton, who holds the all-time record for the largest buck ever harvested at Fort Hood, is thrilled.

“This should help hunting a lot,” Myers said. “Sunday should be extremely good because those bucks will get on their feet and chase the does.”

Myers said the hunting has been “good” as of late.

“There have been several really good bucks taken, six or seven in the 140-class buck,” he said. “There have two that made 150.”

Myers set the record last year with a 176.

“After the 176, my standards have gone up,” he said. “I haven’t shot any this year. I’m waiting for an exceptional buck. My wife told me I can’t mount another deer unless it’s bigger than the one I got last year.

“So, in reality, I probably won’t get to mount another one.”

Myers said all hunters are welcoming the oncoming cold weather.

“It’s mid-November and we haven’t had a single freeze yet,” he said. “It’s been very warm so that doesn’t allow the bucks to go out and chase the doe. There has been very little of that going on in the daylight hours. They go out at night but the hunters don’t get to see that — which is why we’re all happy for Sunday’s cold weather.”

Myers offered some tips.

“Use grunt calls, rattling horns, bleat calls, and those should work,” he said. “Just be patient. The way you shoot a big buck is to not shoot the first buck that walks out.

“If you shoot the first one, you’ll never get a chance to shoot the big one behind him.”

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