Belton Lake fishing

Fisherman decide to try their luck at another location Saturday on Belton Lake.

Belton Lake fishermen found some success this week, according to Danny Riddlespriger, the fishing expert at the Sportsmen’s Center at Fort Hood.

“The hybrids are hitting a lot and so are the blue cats,” Riddlespriger said. “The ponds on Fort Hood have been kind of slow — the water has not warmed up enough there.”

Stillhouse Hollow Lake, Riddlespriger said, “has been slow, too. Belton Lake has had the most success this week.

“Catching the hybrids (white bass crossed with striped bass) at Belton Lake has worked best when using chad as the lure. Chad is their natural food. The white bass eat chad — they’ll start schooling soon — and they’ll get their fill of that.

“In the summer, you’ll see a lot of boiling and that’s just the chad trying to get away from the white bass and hybrids.”

Riddlespriger said he’s optimistic about fishermen having some success this weekend.

“It’s supposed to warm up a bit and that always helps,” he said. “I anticipate the fish to show up this weekend in the Cowhouse area — that’s a creek that feeds into Belton Lake from Fort Hood. It has a lot of blue cats, and I think this weekend they may show up a lot.”

There is some rain in the forecast for the weekend.

“I think the rain can be helpful,” Riddlespriger said. “The rain runs off the shore, pushes the food into the water. Hopefully the rain churns up some food from the bank and brings the fish in closer. I’ll be trying to get out there myself.”

The average blue cat caught at Belton Lake this past week, according to Riddlespriger, was between 5 and 9 pounds.

“Guys have said they’ve caught bigger than that, but I haven’t seen them,” Riddlespriger said with a chuckle. “But you know how that goes. I’d never label any fisherman telling a lie. You can just call it a ‘fisherman’s tale.’ That sounds better.”

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