KERRVILLE — All week long Lampasas heard how dominant Pleasanton pitcher Emma Garcia was and how hard she threw.

By game time, they had enough. "That's all we heard," said senior outfielder Tealey Farquhar. "After my first two at-bats I told everybody in the dugout, 'We over talked this pitcher so much. We can hit her.'"

Farquhar's statement came true in a big way as Lampasas defeated No. 10 Pleasanton 3-1 in a one-game playoff to advance to the Region IV-3A quarterfinals.

After reaching on an error and scoring on a wild pitch in the first inning to give the Lady Badgers a 1-0 lead, Farquhar stepped to the plate in the bottom of the fifth with freshman Blake Webb on first.

Farquhar pounded the ball to dead-center and wheeled around the bases for the stand-up RBI triple.

"Tealey is our sparkplug. In the field and at the plate," pitcher Kady Crow said.

Farquhar scored two batters later as fellow senior Hadley Brown hit a double to left-center to give the Lady Badgers (25-8) a 3-0 lead.

"As a senior, I shouldn't make errors but my throw was off the inning before and I knew I had to make up for my mistake even though no one scored," Brown said. "So I said, 'It's my time and I have to do this for my team.'"

Three runs were all Crow needed.

"All of (Crow's) pitches have a reason. Some are to back a hitter up, others are to make them (chase)," Brown said. "She was amazing all the way through and we used her pitching to our advantage."

Crow tossed a complete-game two-hitter and gave up just one run while striking-out five and walking four Lady Eagles.

"I can stand up there and pitch all day, but our defense is why we are winning," Crow said. "When you see Blake Webb with her face in the dirt to make a play, it only makes (me) want to pitch better."

Webb's face was buried in the dirt in the second inning. Pleasanton's Torey Dumont hit a low line-drive in the hole between the first and second basemen that seemed destined for right field. But Webb dove to her left, stopped the ball and with her face covered in dirt, tossed the stolen hit to first for the second out of the inning.

"I just threw my body out there," Webb said. "Somehow I stopped it and threw her out. Afterwards I asked myself 'How in the world did I do that?'"

In the sixth, the Lady Eagles' Gabby Cantu had an RBI single and again Dumont hit the ball hard but right at Farquhar, who caught the ball and doubled-off Cantu, who was too far off first. The double-play ended the inning and the hopes of a comeback for Pleasanton.

"Tealey always saves the inning. No matter what, she gets to the ball," Crow said. "Her getting that double-play gave us the upper hand in the game and the (momentum)."

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