By Kevin Posival

Killeen Daily Herald

Unless you were P.J. Egbert or Keith White, the track points leaders going into Saturday night's Midseason Championships at Texas Thunder Speedway experienced the difference between earning a lead and defending one.

For the first time this season, track points leaders started out front in their respective classes, but only White and Egbert finished there, but not a single leader relinquished their season lead, though T.J. Jacobs, who led the Texas Twisters class, now has to share his lead with Randy Doyle.

"I usually have bad luck when I start on the front row," said Egbert, who's now won two straight features and 12 this season. "I prefer to be on the third or fourth row. You can get a good judgment on the track and the other drivers. When you start out front, you make your own judgements."

White, who had two lengthy leads negated because of cautions, adjusted his re-starts to get a good jump on the field and held off Dave Stewart, who had charged from 12th in the 12-car IMCA SportsMod feature to second before the final caution on lap 8.

White waited until the top of Turn 4 to hit the gas after a first-lap caution, but started at the top of Turn 3 after the lap-8 caution and stayed in front of Stewart.

"I can read the track. I can anticipate what my car's going to do. I don't have to tip-toe through the corners. It's not just about racing the other cars, it's also racing the track."

White, a two-time SportsMod national champion and the reigning track champion, knows Texas Thunder and added that Saturday night's track was slicker than normal, saying it seemed to change every lap.

Stewart, an in-law of White's, not only was introduced to the track but also was reunited with race-night behind the wheel for the first time in more than two years.

"I was just trying to stay in the middle of the track," Stewart said. "Some guys went low and a couple got loose on the high side. That's racing. Keith is just awesome. Keith is a national champion. You're not going to catch him."

Tim Carman Jr., who had won two straight Street Stock features, finished fifth Saturday night, but still holds a 543-519 lead over Eric Jones, who finished 19th. G.W. Egbert won the event in his first Street Stocks feature this season.

Jones, however, still holds his IMCA Stock car lead despite a third-place finish. David Dunn, who finished second last week to Michael Walter, finished out front and trails Jones by just five points, 542-537.

Walter finished second and nearly had his second-straight win after a lap-12 caution reduced Dunn's sizable lead.

Other than Egbert and White, Jacobs fared the best on the pole. Jacobs finished second, but Doyle, who was just one point behind Jacobs in the Twisters' standings, finished first.

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