James Millsap, of Harker Heights, went fishing Sunday on Stillhouse Hollow Lake.

“The fishing is still slow,” said Millsap, a bass tournament fisherman. “But things are picking up a little bit. The water temperature is between 55 and 57. Once it gets up to the 58-to-60 range, they’ll start feeding again.”

Millsap caught four black bass, three keepers. The biggest weighed around three pounds. That’s a good day for a novice, although a competitive tournament fisherman like Millsap wouldn’t call it a “banner day.”

But Millsap is more concerned about a different day, March 8.

“I’ll be competing on Lake LBJ in Marble Falls on March 8,” Millsap said. “It’s a huge tournament and it’s sponsored by Bass Champs.”

The LBJ Yacht Club and Marina will serve as host to the event, which should draw some of the top two-man teams in America. The entry fee is $200. The first-place team selects its prize, either $17,000 or a Ford pickup truck.

Millsap will team up with his brother-in-law Jody Berger of Belton.

In the 2012 LBJ tournament, they placed third, collecting a total of $4,000 in prize money.

“This will be our fifth year competing in this event, and I can tell you that the competition is very tough,” Millsap said. “You’ve got to get a little lucky to win it all. It takes a big sack to win at LBJ.”

“I’m pretty excited about it,” Berger said. “You always want to be the winner but there will be plenty of great fishermen there we’d have to beat.”

Good teamwork is essential, Berger said.

“James and I fish a lot together and that helps when we compete,” Berger said. “Basically, we both fish the same way. Every once in a while, I’ll go shallow. James is a structure fisherman, he likes to fish offshore. We’re good friends and we’re family. If he has an idea, we’ll go with it. If it’s not working, we’ll go to my idea. We don’t argue much.”

And if they take that first prize March 8, there won’t be any arguing at all on whether to accept the cash or the truck.

“I’ve got a fairly new pickup truck,” Millsap said. “And then we both figure it’s hard to split a pickup anyway. So we’d be taking the cash.”

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