Former Texas quarterback Colt McCoy couldn’t step foot into his home state without being asked about his former team.Not the same week McCoy’s Longhorns are set to square off against bitter rival Oklahoma. And not with younger brother Case part of a quarterback rotation that currently leads the Texas offense.

In his second year with the Cleveland Browns, Colt made a trip to Temple on Thursday during Cleveland’s bye week to help celebrate the opening of the new Children’s Hospital at Scott & White. He originally teamed with Scott & White during the summer of 2010, and spent time Thursday visiting patients, families and hospital staff members at the new facility.

McCoy also talked Longhorns, Sooners, Big 12 Conference expansion and Cleveland’s 2-2 start.

What are your thoughts on this week and the Red River Rivalry?“I’m not sure if I’m going to make the game, but I know I’ll be watching. This week is a huge week. I can think back and it’s one of the best weeks — it’s like playing in a bowl game. You have so many fans and so much anticipation. It’s nerve-wracking even though I’m not playing in the game. I’m excited.”

What advice would you give Case, who is rotating with former Belton standout and freshman David Ash, if he asked about this game and how different it is?“He’s pretty lucky because he got to go to a lot of them before he came to Texas. I think he was in junior high when I started playing in the games. So, he’s been to a lot of them, he understands what Texas football is all about. This is a huge week, so I hope they go out there and do a good job.”What are your impressions on the Texas quarterback situation, especially with former starter Garrett Gilbert announcing his plans to transfer?“I’ve really kind of been out of the loop with all that. It was crazy how things happened. I wish Garrett nothing but the best.“I know he had some shoulder problems. I hope he gets healthy and I know he’ll have an opportunity to play somewhere else for sure.“And then Case and David — they’ve both done a really nice job from all that I’ve heard. I guess the two-quarterback system is working right now. Hopefully they can figure out a way again this week. I haven’t been in touch with everyone, but I know we’re undefeated so that’s always good.”After the bye week, the Browns have a big stretch coming up with three of four games on the road. What are you guys trying to accomplish in these next games?“I think the bye week came at a good time. The NFL season is a long season and this is really the first year I’ve been able to start and be the guy. We’re 2-2 right now. Obviously we wish we would have won a couple games early that we felt that we should have, but we’re a really young team, we work really hard, we compete and I think we’ll have a chance every game we play. It’s just a matter of playing consistent and executing what we need to do.”

What do you think of the realignment talk in college football and the possible addition of TCU to the Big 12 Conference?“I think it would be great. They don’t ever ask me that question, but I’m glad the Big 12 is staying together. I knew that there was a lot of talk with going one way or the other — going to the Pac 20 or Pac 16, whatever it is.“But I’m glad that the Big 12 is staying together and I’m sure whatever decisions they make regarding who they bring in or who they don’t bring in, I’m sure they’ll make the right decision and what’s best for the league. I’ll support that either way.”

Texas will have a McCoy jersey in the locker room Saturday. Any interest in suiting up?“I don’t think they have a No. 12 though. I’m pumped about the game — I even wanted to go to the pep rally (Wednesday) night, but I didn’t go. I remember the one game I did get to see, I got to see the fourth quarter of the Texas-BYU game at home.“I promise you the whole time I was sitting back having dèjá vu. I was like ‘Is this really happening?’ because Case and Jaxon (Shipley) were throwing to each other. McCoy to Shipley. That’s pretty special — I don’t know if that happens very much anywhere else.“I’m happy for both of them because Jaxon and Case, they both saw me and (former Texas wideout) Jordan (Shipley) play for so long. We’d go home and they’d be throwing in the front yard and now they’re doing it at Texas too.”


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