Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones greets fans before Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles in Arlington.

Tim Sharp | AP

Mike Flores said he was born a Dallas Cowboys fan.

He also said he is the last of a dying breed.

At age 23, Flores still has memories of the team that was a model for success.

On Sunday, the Sports City Grill bartender settled in for the latest example of what the Cowboys have become — the picture of mediocrity.

“This is what I tell myself, and I hate to look at it like this,” Flores said before the Cowboys’ season-ending loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. “We might not be winning, but you can do the research (and) hands-down, as far as sports franchises go, and especially in the NFL, we’re profiting.

“We may not be winning, but the Cowboys know how to make money — Jerry Jones knows how to make money.”

Mike is one of the few Cowboy fans who can appreciate the bottom line.

Because for many, the bottom line is 24-24, the Cowboys’ record since 2011.

On one hand, Jerry Jones is doing his job as well as it can be done.

As owner of the Cowboys, Jones has guided the team to becoming the most valuable franchise in the NFL, according to Forbes magazine.

On the other hand, Jones continues to fail miserable in his role as general manager, with just one playoff win since 1995.

For many, the solution is simple: Have Jones relinquish his role as general manager and let someone more qualified take over.

That also seems highly unlikely considering Jones appointed himself in the position.

But if Jones is going to continue to make personnel decisions for the franchise he loves dearly he may want to take notes.

Perhaps learn to draft players that fit a system, as John Schneider has done since assuming the GM role for the Seahawks in 2010.

Seattle was 7-9 the season before he took over and has gone a combined 31-17 since, culminating in a division title and a No. 1 seed this year.

Jones, meanwhile, continues to make flashy selections on draft day and flashy signings that have only created the myth that the Cowboys have the talent to win a Super Bowl if they get out of their own way.

That is false.

The Cowboys didn’t finish the regular season dead-last in total defense by accident.

Dallas needs help on the field and perhaps on the sideline, where head coach Jason Garrett has become the latest Cowboys coach to be second-guessed on a weekly basis.

But most importantly, the Cowboys need help up in the box where the general manager sits.

If only he will accept it.

Because he certainly doesn’t need help as an owner — that is, if your bottom line is dollar figures and not wins.

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The NFL is full cases of owners who meddle too much. The Redskins' Daniel Snyder is another one, as was Al Davis in his latter years.

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