Class: SophomoreSport: Basketball, soccer, track, volleyballClaim to fame: The do-it-all sophomore just wrapped up her high school sports year with a ninth-place finish in the 5A girls discus at the UIL State Track & Field Championships last weekend in Austin.

What it is like to finally have a break from all of your sports?“It’s awesome. I can focus on school and get all of my work done, so it’s good.”

How hard is it to transition from one sport to the next?“The hardest thing is to get into shape for that sport. I may not be in running condition for each sport, but it’s sometimes hard, but it’s mostly easy because my skills are still there.” What is the hardest sport to transition into?“It was volleyball to basketball because in volleyball, all I do is jump and basketball you have to run up and down the court. Basketball to track isn’t that hard because all I do is throw (in track).”

How did it feel to make the state track meet?“It was awesome. It was an awesome experience. Just seeing all the fans around. I thought I did okay. It’s just a really good feeling when you get down, actually, on the track. You just feel everybody looking at you and cheering and it’s amazing. I look forward to doing it again.”

What are your plans for this summer?“This summer, I’m doing AAU basketball and, actually, I’m going to start working with (track) Coach (Robert) Griffin to throw because I don’t throw year-round, I just throw during the school year. I figured if I throw year-round, I’ll be a lot better than I am this year.”

Do you have time for hobbies?“I cook. I like cooking. So, in the morning when I get up, that’s my hobby. I like to cook. I listen to music a lot. That’s actually what keeps me going is my music. Friends, sometimes. They know what I’m doing, so they understand.”

What is your favorite thing to cook?“My favorite thing to cook is a dinner meal. It’s got barbecue chicken — baked barbecue chicken — corn bread, red beans and rice and some Kool-Aid.

What do you cook for breakfast?“I cook big breakfasts. If it’s a good day, I cook biscuits, I cook waffles, I cook pancakes, I cook sausage and bacon. I cook eggs — omelets and scrambled. I make orange juice and maybe a little bit of hot dogs for younger brother and sisters — I’ve got a big family.”

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