Sport: BasketballClass: SophomorePosition: GuardClaim to fame: Scott comes from a basketball family and has found his way into the starting lineup after being last season’s JV Offensive Player of the Year.

Who’s the best in the family?“My dad (Christopher Scott) is — he’s the best. We used to play 1-on-1 a lot, but since the season started, I’m not taking a chance on getting hurt.” You and your dad play the same position?“Yeah — he played point guard and I play point guard and shooting guard.”What’s it like having a basketball-playing dad watch you play? Does he give advice?“It’s really helping because from my point of view on the court is different than what he sees on the court, so if I can’t see something, he’ll see it and after the game, he’ll just let me know what I did or what I need to work on to get better.”

Can it also be a little much?“It can get a little irritating sometimes, but I love him for it.”What do you remember about your first day on varsity?“I’m thinking, ‘I’m a sophomore on varsity. This is going to be easy.’ But no — coach (Billy) White really got into me. He told me that I’m not the best thing, I need to work on some things, you can’t always be the greatest and you always have something to work on. “It’s been real tough since, but working hard really pays off.”

With being the young guy, how much are the older guys helping you?“They help me a lot — they’ve been playing basketball at the varsity level longer than me, so their defense is better. They lock me up (in practice) and get me better on offense as well as on defense.”

What about the other stuff because you’re the sophomore?“Yeah, like after practice I have to put the balls up. I have to do a lot of extra stuff. It’s something I had to get used to. When I’m a senior, I’m not going to have to do something. I’ll make the little kids do it.”

Do you have any pregame rituals?“I listen to my music until the last seven minutes of the JV game, then I get a ball, come (to the back hallway outside the gym) and dribble up and down between my legs four times. Then behind the back four times up and down.”

What are the favorites on the iPod right now?“I’m really liking Lil’ Wayne. He really gets me ready for the game — he gets me hyped and ready to play.”You wear No. 25. How did you end up with it?“What I’ve done since the fifth grade is chose a different number every year. Seventh grade I was No. 3, the next year I was 21. Last year I was 10 and this year, I’m 25.”So what about next year?“You know, after this year I get my letterman (jacket) and I’ll have to put 25 on my letterman. I might have to keep it, so I’ll stick with 25 for the rest.”

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