Sports: Basketball and FootballClass: JuniorClaim to fame: A wide receiver during the fall, the 6-foot-2 Byrd caught 15 passes and a touchdown for the Hornets and will try to help lead the basketball team after earning all-district honors last year. Which is your favorite sport: football or basketball?“Basketball – I like the competition on the court and playing against people that are my size and bigger.”

How did you get into basketball?“When I was little, I would go outside and just shoot the basketball in the yard. My dad thought I was pretty good so he signed me up to play in city league. I liked it – I scored 142 points for the whole season on the three-man team and then they moved me up to the five-man team after the third game and I started playing with the older guys.”

What did you think of having to move up?“When I played on the three-man team, I was the point guard. Then when I moved up to the five-man team, I played the post. But I liked controlling the ball and tempo of the game, and they put me at post, so I didn’t take it too well.“My dad just told me to keep my head up and keep playing.”

Does football help with basketball any?“Yes – like getting elbowed in the mouth really doesn’t hurt anymore after getting hit big time in a football game. I’m used to the physical part of it.”What about off the court?“Hanging out with friends. Playing video games – Madden 2012.”

Who’s your team?“The Eagles – Mike Vick. He’s my favorite quarterback. I’m not an Eagles fan – I’m a 49ers fan and they’re doing pretty good now. I really didn’t like football growing up, but my uncle is a big 49ers fan so I followed them.”

What’s the next movie you want to watch? “I want to see ‘Paranormal Activity 3.’ I saw the first two and I’ve heard this one is little bit scary. The first two were pretty good – I’m not a big scary movie fan, but I want to go see this one.”

Do you have a talent many people many not know about?“I play the drums at my church. I just started like two years ago. I play for the choir now and I’ve gotten better.“My cousin was playing but then he went off to college, so they needed a drummer and he taught me. I was watching him and started watching the way he moved his hands with the drums.”

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