Sport: BasketballPosition: GuardClass: JuniorClaim to fame: Providing an emotional and game-changing spark off the bench last season, Pointer was named Newcomer of the Year in District 12-5A after helping Ellison to its first 30-win season and a trip to the Region II-5A semifinals.

After playing mostly as a bench player in your first varsity season, you’re going to be counted on more this year. How do you see your role on the team?“Most people know I’m a shooter, so that’s one of the roles. And I’ve gotten better rebounding, so that’s another half of it, and I just try to keep everybody (up).”

Along with your ability to drain 3-pointers, you’re known for your infectious smile. What makes you smile so much?“Yeah, when we have a down time, and I’m smiling here or there, people be like, ‘Why you smiling?’ and I just can’t help it (laughs).”

Last season was an emotional roller coaster for you personally, dealing with the loss of your mother to cancer midseason. How are you able to handle it all?“Along the way, it’s been kind of hard. But I try not to wear my emotions exactly on my shoulder, so that’s one reason I keep a smile. It’ll be a little different starting out this year (without her mother), but it’ll be OK.”How much did her tragic death play a factor in rallying the team together last year?“I guess because, it’s like twins — when one feels something the other feels it. That’s pretty much what brought us together. We’re pretty close already as a team, basically like family, and it just brought us even closer than we already were.”

Ellison coach Sherry McKinnon is know for being a tough mother figure out on the court, what are some of the toughest things you’ve had to do during preseason practices?“Practice has been kinda ... intense. She wants to correct all the small things, so we run for that or do push-ups (if we do something wrong). But we get it done, so it’ll all pay off for us.”How does this team hope to build off last year’s success?“To go to Austin.”

How do you personally prepare for a game?“Unlike most that like music, I just like quiet and to think to myself about things that I can do, or maybe a play or something, and just picture myself doing good and the team doing good.“And then go out there and make it happen.”

What do you like to do outside of school and the court?“Just shoot the breeze and hang out. ... Sometimes we meet up at the Tommie Harris Center, but mainly we’re around (school) most of the time during basketball season.”What’s something unique about you?“People say that around my teachers I’m a different person. Like in class, I’m the quiet one sitting in the corner doing my work. “And then I come down here (to the gym) and I’m just all over the place ... laughing here, yelling over there.”


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