Sport: BasketballClass: JuniorClaim to fame: The oft-starting point guard sparked an emotionally-drained Lady Eagles squad to a 51-46 victory over rival Shoemaker last Friday with a career-high 20 points. Ellison (21-7, 5-3) has won four straight games in District 12-5A.

How do you see your game fitting on this team?“As a point guard, I have to read the court and get the pass there. I have to make easy shots, because I’m more of a drive person, so I have to know how to do it and where to do that.”As a more attacking point guard, what is your mentality out on the court?“My mentality is go hard, get knocked down — I’m fearless. I don’t care. I’m going to go hard, I’m going to go to that basket, or I’m going to dish it off to a teammate so they can make it.”

You’re known as a firecracker out there as well, playing with your emotions, how do you provide that spark out there?“Oooh, I yell. I will like jump up and down, smack (my teammates) in the head, (laughs) I’ll do anything to get everybody on their game. Just bring them up. I don’t want anybody down on the court.”

What do you listen to get to hyped for a game?“Lil’ Wayne. He’s just a beast. I feel like I’m him on the court (laughs).”OK, do you feel like you bring some of that hip-hop mentality to your game?“Yeah, I feel like a dude when I play. I feel like everybody brings that dude-mentality, and that’s how we do — we play like dudes.”What about your nickname “Little Feet?”  What size shoe do you wear?“I wear a 4. (Laughs) A 4 in little boys.”Really? What’s shoe shopping like for you?“I’ll be seeing 5-year-olds with bigger feet than mine (laughs). I don’t care, my shoes are cheap. OK?”Fair enough. How long have you been teased about your extra small feet?“Ever since I was little. I was always the big, tall one with little feet.”Does that make it hard to walk sometimes?“It’s hard to run sometimes. Coach (Sherry) McKinnon says my head’s so big it weighs me down sometimes (laughs). That’s how I’m getting half my fouls.”What makes you unique?“I’d have to say just being me, being myself. Instead of trying to be like everybody else, or do what everybody else does, I just want to be me and play basketball.”What does “be me” mean to you?“Be fun, happy, mad, frustrated, loud (laughs), and not caring.”


— Alex Byington

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