Sport: Volleyball, Basketball and SoftballClass: JuniorClaim to fame: A three-sport star, Chambers plays volleyball, basketball and softball. Chambers earned all-district second-team honors in softball during the spring after switching from the outfield to second base, and honorable mention accolades in volleyball last season.

You already play three sports, so what about track and all the other ones?“No — I don’t run.” Of the three then, which is your favorite?“Softball – I always liked it better. It’s not as stressful, I guess, and it’s more fun. I picked up basketball when I was little in this league in Gatesville and volleyball when I was in seventh grade.”

You play the same sports as your sister (Megan Chambers). What’s that like?“It’s good. Sometimes she yells for no reason, but it’s fun getting to play with her. We know basically what the other is going to do.”

You guys have that “ESP” thing going on?“Yeah, pretty much.”

The volleyball team was two matches away from the state tournament last year. What was it like getting that close?“It was kind of heart breaking but we know we have a chance to do it this year. We knew we all had another year that we were all together.”

Any other activities in school besides the three sports?“I do Junior Ambassadors and 4H. But I usually just hang out with friends and go shopping.”

Which sport is the hardest to transition from one to the next?“Volleyball to basketball because of the shooting. I don’t really work on it. It takes me a while to get going. The first couple of games are not so hot.”

What about from basketball to softball?“It’s easier because I practice during basketball season — I’ll practice for softball. I want to play softball in college.”

Does your sister want to play softball in college too?“Yes. We want to go to the same school, but if it leads to we get full-ride scholarships, then we’ll go to different schools.”

What’s the last movie you saw in a theater?“Probably Harry Potter — the last one (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows –—Part 2). It was really good.“I didn’t used to be a fan of the series, but now that I grew up, I’m not scared of it. So yea, I like it now.”

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