Sport: VolleyballClass: JuniorClaim to fame: Called the “glue” of the Lady Grey Wolves volleyball team and described as “never having a bad day” by her coaches, Vazquez is a role player that gives everything for her team.After hearing coaches talk about you like that, what do you think of their high opinions of you?“It makes me feel great, actually, knowing that even though I might not be getting a lot of playing time, I can still do my part. And even if I don’t step foot on the court, I can still motivate them to get that win that we need.”

The coaches say you always have a positive attitude, how do you maintain that, even if you don’t get into a game?“I’ve grown from last year to this year. I used to be a tad bit, a little envious — ‘Why am I not getting any playing time, blah, blah, blah?’ — but I think it just comes with age. “This year, I can look back and say I am a different person than I was my sophomore year. Because now when I look at them, I don’t think ‘Why didn’t I get to do that?’ I look at them like, ‘I’m so proud of them.’ That’s my friend and I’m happy for them that they’re able to get that shine that they get.” You’ve been a spark for this team off the bench recently, what has that been like for you?“I feel nervous, actually. I don’t show it, but I feel nervous knowing that I have to get on the serving line and just serve the points away. I just have to put that aside, in the back of my brain, and be like, ‘My team needs me,’ so I just serve and pray it goes over and it does.”What is something that a lot of people may not know about you?“I watch football. Yeah, Seahawks won. I was happy.”

So Seattle is your team?“Yeah because I was born in Seattle, so that’s my team. I don’t hate the Cowboys, but they’re a little cocky.”Do you watch any other sports or is it just football?“I like sports all-around. I may be a little cheater and just watch the (NBA) finals, but hey, watching it is watching it. I like to watch basketball. I was happy the Mavericks got their first championship win.”Being a Seattle native, what did you feel about the Sonics’ move to Oklahoma City?“I did not like that at all. And I went to go look for a Seattle Sonics jersey, and there weren’t any. I was so sad because I loved the Seattle Sonics, the green and yellow. ... I was very sad when they moved. I want them back.”


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