Will Jimmie Johnson ever lose another race?

“I’m not really sure,” said David Goode with a hearty laugh. “He is certainly looking pretty dominant now. Isn’t he?”

On Sunday, Johnson dominated the field in an easy win at Dover International Speedway. The week before, Johnson was victorious in the Coca-Cola 600.

Goode, of Copperas Cove, is the owner of Waco’s Heart O’ Texas Speedway.

“You really can smell a long-winning roll coming here for Jimmie Johnson,” Goode said. “He’s in a groove. He is one awesome race car driver. He’s phenomenal.”

Gene Adamcik, of Waco, the owner of Heart O’ Texas from 1981-2013, concurred.

“Jimmie is the one now that everyone else will have to challenge,” he said. “I believe he’s coming on strong now. He’s got it all together: a great crew chief, great car. Everything is top notch with him right now. He’s so hard to beat when he’s on his game — and he is on his game right now.”

Johnson had a slow start in the 2014 season.

“He wasn’t dominant at all in the beginning of the season,” Goode said. “And you’d listen to all the commentators asking, ‘What’s happened to Jimmie? Where is Jimmie?’ Well, now they know where he is.”

Yep, in the winner’s circle.

“Some of these young kids are coming up,” Goode said. “But it will take them awhile before they can consistently compete with Jimmie.

“Look at Kyle Busch. You thought last week that he could be dominant. And then Johnson comes from behind, passes him and then Kyle Busch disintegrates.”

Goode also gave credit to Johnson’s team.

“You can’t forget how important crew chief Chad Knaus is to Jimmie,” Goode said. “On the track, Jimmie has to tell him what’s going on. Then when he comes in, Chad tweaks things perfectly and then Jimmie gets back out there and does his thing.”

Adamcik said he’d like to see Johnson face some competition.

“From a promoter’s standpoint, you want to see other people win,” he said. “For instance, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. started out this year so consistent. The people would love it if he can compete with Johnson.”

Goode said he thinks there’s a possibility Johnson purposely eases up during qualifying.

“Jimmie is perfectly fine if he starts in the 10th spot,” Goode said. “If he’s not on the pole, he’s fine with that. I’ve often wondered if he doesn’t slack off in qualifying so he gets other peoples’ eyes off him. He doesn’t seem to care how many laps he leads during the race either.

“He just wants to be leading the last lap.”

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