BELTON — Texas Rangers' outfielder David Murphy answered questions about God, baseball, the World Series and Tim Tebow with Mary Hardin-Baylor students Thursday in a Q&A at W.W. Walton Chapel.Murphy, a native Texan who attended Baylor University, was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the first round of the 2003 draft and recently signed a one-year contract extension with Texas, the team he's played for the last four seasons.

Here are some of his responses to questions posed by UMHB professor Byron Weathersbee and the Herald.

As a Baylor University alumni, what are your thoughts on Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III and what he's brought to the Bears' athletic program?“I think it's pretty incredible that Baylor was where they were when I was in school and now they've become a school with a face like that who has put Baylor on the map and made Baylor a nationally-recognizable school. The football team is awesome the men's and women's basketball teams are playing amazing and it seems like the university is going nowhere but up.”

What are your thoughts on the Rangers' offseason moves this year?“It's not like we really need to do a whole lot, we're basically the same team as last year. The big piece of the puzzle that we lost is C.J. Wilson and that's a huge blow, but we lost Cliff Lee last year and nobody thought we'd get back to the World Series without him. I think we'll be fine, we'll see what happens with Yu Darvish and all this Prince Fielder talk, but I think we'll be in a good spot either way.”

Talking about Darvish and Fielder, what would adding those two guys bring to this team?“If we were to sign Prince Fielder, that lineup would be absolutely ridiculous with as many big talents as we already have. Yu Darvish, I think, is an unknown simply because he's never pitched in the Major Leagues before, but obviously what he's done in Japan has been incredible and hopefully it translates.”You just received a one-year extension on your contract, how excited are you about returning to this team in 2012?“Obviously, it's awesome just to know that I'm going to be with the Rangers another year. It's always a huge blessing; Each year is a blessing and hopefully we can get back to the World Series a third year in a row. I'm excited just be on the field again with a great group of guys and a great group of talent.”

What were the emotions of playing in the World Series, especially the 2011 World Series?“Everything little kid about you kind of comes out in a World series. You look at the stage and you think of how many people are watching and how intense the games are and you're thinking, ‘Man, I've dreamed of playing on this stage since I was five or six years old.' A good I put it into perspective is that Ken Griffey Jr. was my favorite baseball player growing up of all time and he's going to be a hall of famer. “I'll never be close to the player that he was and he never played in a single World Series. I'm 4 1/2 years into my career and I've played in two. I don't have a ring yet, but wow.”

You've played in two straight World Series, did you ever think you would be there?“I thought stage by stage, inch by inch — when I was in high school, I thought had a chance to play in college; In college, I thought I had a chance to be drafted. Playing in the minor leagues, some days I thought I'd be in the big leagues, some days, I wasn't sure, but I got there. “I'm 4 1/2 years into my career, I've played in two World Series, I've been blessed in so many ways, I have a lot to be thankful for.”Talk about going into another offseason after losing in the World Series?“It's disappointing, but there's so many positives that we can take out of it and no heartbreak that happened last year is going to take away from what's going to happen next year. Everybody's going to be ready to go from the very beginning. “We're going to have a great spring and nothing's going to be guaranteed or given to us, so we're going to go fight hard and have another great season.”

What do you remember as the greatest moment of the 2011 World Series?“Of the World Series, I think even though we did not come out victories and even though we didn't win Game 6, after we lost the lead and Josh Hamilton comes up and hits that home run to give us the lead, I'm like ‘Man, this is storybook right here, we're going to go on and shut them down in the bottom of the whatever inning it was and we're going to win the World Series.'”

Where's the line between giving credit to God and spiritual showmanship that stuffs religion down people's throats?“First of all, I think Tim Tebow is awesome. There's a lot of guys out there that you don't if they're genuine or not and I believe he is a genuine Christian man.  There's been plenty of guys that I've played with over past years who will hit a home run or do something good and point to God, and that sort of thing, that I know are not Godly men. 

“It's just really hard to translate all that today. In the world of sports, I think it's good that people see things that you do that proclaim God, but you never want it to overkill where it might turn people away.”


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