The Killeen Revolution football team lost its opening exhibition contest to the Dallas Trojans on Saturday 13-2. The game was played at AT&T Stadium.

“Our game did not turn out like we wanted it to, but it was a great experience,” said Killeen head coach Bill Clark. “It was an exciting, emotional night for us. For the most part, our defense was phenomenal.”

The Killeen defense yielded only one score, that coming on the Trojans initial series of the contest. Dallas scored its final touchdown late in the game on a pick-six.

“Our front seven harassed their quarterback all night,” Clark said. “We had 12 sacks total.”

For Killeen, defensive ends Aisha Murphy and Colby Burton were dominant. Murphy had 3 1/2 sacks and Burton three. Also for Killeen, linebacker Jr. Turner had two sacks, and defensive lineman Eurie Pless 1 1/2.

“For the most part, we contained them very well,” Murphy said. “They got that early score when we were just trying to get our rotation down. After that, we got a safety. And after that, we shut them down completely.”

Killeen begins regular-season play on Feb. 1 on the road against the Garland Aztecs.

“We had a bunch of injuries against Dallas, and we have to fill quite a few spots but I think we can do that,” Murphy said. “I think our potential is great. Right now, with what we have, we should be able to fight for a championship.”

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