Shelbie Parrish July 31

Killeen barrel racer Shelbie Parrish is pictured on July 31 with “Momma,” the horse she rode later that night while competing in Dodge City, Kan.

By virtue of her strong 2014 season, Killeen barrel racer Shelbie Parrish has picked up three sponsors and will remain on the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association tour. 

“October is the big month for the WPRA and the big competition is in Waco and I feel my horse ‘Biscuit’ and I will be ready for it,” said Parrish, 20.

“I can always go back to college later.”

Parrish rode for Tarleton State last season and has completed her freshman year.

“Getting the sponsors was key for me, and now I can compete while living here in Killeen,” she said.

One of her sponsors is RD Creations, a company which specializes in making horse tacks.

Parrish has already taken first place in two rodeos this year (Bridgeport, Sonora), earned $5,225 in prize money, and ranks 18th in America of all rookies.

“I wasn’t expecting anything all that special this season,” Parrish said. “You’re going up against the best of the best. It shocked me how well my horse handled everything. All the credit for this year goes to Biscuit, my horse. And when Biscuit got hurt, I was lucky enough to be offered another great horse named ‘Momma.’ Biscuit will be ready to ride in October. He’s coming along very well with his injury. Until October, I’ll compete in some smaller events here and there.”

The October competition in Waco counts toward 2015 standings.

“My goals are huge for the 2015 season,” Parrish said. “I have no doubt that Biscuit can get me to the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) in December of 2015.”

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