Shelbie Parrish

Killeen barrel racer Shelbie Parrish smiles on Wednesday after finishing in the top 10 of the qualifying round at the Dodge City Roundup.

Parrish is competing with a horse named “Mama,” who is subbing for her injured horse Biscuit.

Courtesy photo

Killeen barrel racer Shelbie Parrish had one of the top 10 qualifying times at the Dodge City Roundup on Wednesday morning.

The Kansas rodeo itself will take place on Sunday. First place in this prestigious rodeo may bring a five-figure purse.

“I’m feeling very confident right now,” Parrish said.

Parrish is currently ranked No. 15 in America of all WPRA rookies. She is ranked No. 139 overall.

Parrish’s horse “Biscuit” suffered an injury two weeks ago.

In Cheyenne’s “The Rodeo,” one of the largest rodeos on the circuit, Parrish, riding Biscuit, finished in the top 40 — quite an accomplishment considering the top 300 riders in America were competing.

“We were riding in Cheyenne, and that’s when Biscuit got hurt,” Parrish said.

“But he didn’t tell me until we were running in Steamboat, Colorado. We hit two barrels and that was Biscuit’s way of saying, ‘Mom, I’m hurting.’ I knew something wasn’t right and the next morning he was limping.”

Biscuit has a cast on his right leg and is expected to make a full recovery after the summer.

“I’m very lucky that a nice lady from Gainesville brought me up a horse to ride here in Dodge City,” Parrish said.

“The horse’s name is ‘Mama’ and this mare can handle any type of ground.

“We ran in nasty, muddy conditions today and we made it into the top 10, so I’m quite happy about that.”

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