By Nick Talbot

Killeen Daily Herald

AUSTIN – Brandon Curley had one goal – to break 50 seconds.

He couldn't get it done Friday.

Curley placed 13th in the 100-yard butterfly preliminaries at the UIL Swimming State Championships at the Jamail Texas Swim Center.

His time? 52.02 seconds.

"He just was not out fast enough," said Shoemaker swimming coach Monte Allwein. "He said he felt great in practice. I don't know if he did not feel good or what happened.

"I think he was hungry enough. It is hard to say."

Curley's personal-best in the 100 butterfly this season is 51.1 seconds and he swam a 51.88 at the Region III-5A meet two weeks ago in Mansfield.

But Friday, he could not improve on those marks.

The Shoemaker senior said he felt confident after warming up, but when the actual race came, he was too fatigued.

"I just did not feel like I was going fast enough," Curley said. "It felt good during warmup, it just did not feel the same when I was in the race."

Gary Umbrach of The Woodlands College Park won the preliminary heats with a time of 48.75. Curley said he could not see the other swimmers, but still collapsed mentally.

"I think I over-thought it," Curley said. "I will probably do better tomorrow.

I think I just thought about it too much. I usually don't think about it too much; just when I practice and that's it.

"I just psyched myself out."

And while the Shoemaker senior is out of the running for a state championship, Curley still has one last chance at his goal. Curley will swim in the consolation meet of the state championships today.

"A win is a good perk, but I try to get it into his head that if he has his best time, that is a win," Allwein said. "Just doing better; that is what it is all about."

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