By Kevin Posival

Killeen Daily Herald

Street Stock driver Danny Dunn raced his son, Jacob, for the first time since the two ran separate Thunderstocks cars in 2002 when Jacob was just 15.

Jacob, who primarily drives an IMCA Modified, raced the oddly numbered "ou1" Street Stock on Saturday night at Texas Thunder Speedway for the Dunn family, which recently sold the car.

Danny won the feature. Jacob was one of 13 that didn't finish the six-caution race, but neither could've been happier after being on the same track at the same time.

"It was a blast," Danny said. "My son made it out for the first time in a long time. He ended up getting a flat tire, but he was using third or fourth hand-me-down tires."

As fun as Texas Thunder is for families to watch, it is, after all, a venue where families get together to race together.

"It was fun. He's my father. I wasn't supposed to win," Jacob said after the race. "We haven't raced together since we were both in the Thunderstocks (now the Texas Twisters), which is like a beginner's class."

While Danny made the move into the Street Stocks, Jacob moved into the Modified class, which has been dominated by P.J. Egbert this season.

"It's stepping up like three or four classes," Jacob said of getting into a Modified. "(In a Street Stock) there's a lot more time to react. It's like watching daisies grow."

Jacob sat out of the Modified's feature, which Egbert won, but said he couldn't imagine giving up the rush of driving the Modified.

"There's no rush like that," Jacob said.

Egbert's win was his 14th of the season and his 83rd Modified win at Texas Thunder, which broke Ken Old's previous record of 82.

Then, Egbert bested his cousin G.W., who was driving a nearly identical No. 707 car, in the Modified King of the Hill race. The only difference between the two cars was G.W.'s blue frame to P.J.'s red frame and first-place finish.

Keith White, who won his 100th IMCA SportsMod feature race Friday night at Heart 'O Texas Speedway, won again on Saturday night at Texas Thunder, extending his win-streak to 12 in his quest for a third SportsMod national championship in the last four years.

Ronnie Ellis Jr. won the IMCA Stock car feature race, but still sits in ninth place in the points standings (524) while Eric Jones, who finished fourth, still leads the class with 656 points.

Jones is second in the Street Stock standings, after his eighth-place finish. Tim Carman Jr., who won last week, finished third but still leads Jones 650-616.

After the Street Stocks heat races, it appeared that either Clint Williams' No. 3 car or Dennis Simmons' No. 83 car would be the one parked in the winner's circle after the feature and both had their chances, but those chances spun away from them around Turn 2.

Simmons started the feature in front of the two Dunns and the 17 other cars in the race. With a sizable lead, he spun out coming around 2 on the fourth lap and was relegated to the back while Williams moved into the forefront.

Williams jumped way out in front after the re-start and distanced himself farther and farther before he, too, spun out on the same turn on lap 17. Reigning Street Stocks champion Jones was given the re-start lead but after 18 laps and six cautions, his No. 84 car ran out of gas before the dramatic green-white-checker finish, which Danny Dunn fell into and held onto through the finish.

"If we hadn't seen so many cautions ? he (Jones) probably would've won," Danny said. "I've been on a pretty good run here lately ? I'll take what I can get."

Carl McConnell and Aaron Hendrick won the two Texas Twisters feature races, but Randy Doyle, who finished third behind Hendrick and Michael Hilliard, still holds the points lead with a 676-661 advantage over T.J. Jacobs, who finished seventh in the same race.

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