By Kevin Posival

Killeen Daily Herald

After Robert Simmerman won the Street Stocks class race for the second consecutive week, he attributed his recent luck to his wife and to his No. 1 car, and in that order.

For three weeks, while Tammy Simmerman, Robert's wife, worked Saturday nights, Robert struggled on the track without her. Last week, she re-joined him at the track and he took the checkered flag as well as the Street Stocks total points lead.

"I guess she's my rabbit's foot," Simmerman said.

The win Saturday night was Simmerman's eighth; a number he's been racing for all year long. His brother, Andrew Simmerman, races an IMCA Modified and has driven his No. 15 car through the checkered flag eight times.

Now that the two brothers are tied, Robert is seeking just one more win and a string of top finishes to hold onto his 757-745 points lead over second-place Trevor Sparkman – an ambitious rookie this year who is waiting patiently for Simmerman's luck to run out.

And, third-place Albert Wininger Jr. is hoping his luck will return soon to re-claim the points lead.

Dave Meadows finished second Saturday night and Wininger finished third in front of Sparkman.

Pat McGuire finished ahead of P.J. Egbert in the IMCA Modifieds race. McGuire started the race in ninth and had moved into the second-place slot behind Alen Waltermire in the sixth lap. He took over the lead in lap 11 and then raced in the front easily until the end.

"Getting to the front is the hard part," McGuire said. Egbert overtook Ken Old's 555 car in lap 14, then got around Waltermire in the final lap, but couldn't close the gap behind McGuire.

Egbert still leads the class with 785 points. Danny Gribble now trails by 65 and Old trails Gribble by just two, 720-718.

Egbert picked-up his 15th Mini-Stocks win and still sits in third behind Mike Autrey (second-place, 743 points) and points leader Travis Zwiefelhofer (789).

Zwiefelhofer finished behind Egbert and Autrey raced across the finish in third.

IMCA Stock division points leader Eric Jones finished through the checkered flag first and now holds a 771-731 lead over second-place Ron Simpson, who finished 11th.

Benji Kirkpatrick finished behind Jones and Shad Stevens finished third.

Trace Crawford took IMCA Sports Mods win followed by Sid Kiphen and points leader Billy White.

For the second-consecutive week, racing had to be stopped in the Texas Twisters class race because of a red flag. This week, Jesse Call rolled his B52 car in turn three of the opening lap. Call walked away from the incident.

Keith Desmarais finished the race first, Chris Florio finished second, and Kevin Myers was third.

Gary White holds a 619-607 class points lead over Call. White finished 10th.

Colton Monroe won his 10th Jr. Mini's class race and still holds an eight-point advantage over second-place Joseph Charnock, 730-722.

Charnock finished behind Monroe and Nathan Robbins finished third.

Racing was stopped in this race as well when Bill Siegman Jr.'s No. 32 car traveled through turn one and crashed head-on into a telephone pole.

The Killeen Fire Department responded to the scene but Siegman was able to get out of the car on his own and walked away from the wreck, apparently uninjured.

In a Powder Puff feature race, Shelly Burnett never led the 10-lap race, but crossed first in donut fashion when Jennifer Silver's 19R car got away from the driver coming out of turn four.

Silva finished second and Leeza Mitchell finished third.

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