When it comes down to road games for most football teams, the task of making arrangements and plans usually goes to an assistant coach or athletic trainer.Not in Lampasas.

Athletic director and head football coach Joey McQueen does all that himself. With previous stops at smaller schools and football programs, it’s what he knows. “I don’t teach classes and I have an opportunity to take care of that business,” said McQueen, now in his third year — and second playoff trip — with the Badgers. “That way if something is messed up, I can’t blame anybody except for me.”

Most travel is arranged prior to the season, including bus request and pre- or post-game meals.For a typical Lampasas road game, the football team will travel with two school buses and a district Ford Excursion that hauled a trailer for the equipment.

Those traveling this week for football playoffs include Lampasas, Copperas Cove, Belton and Killeen.

“The plans probably get a little bit more detailed,” McQueen said. “Now you’re trying to find a field as well.”

Gatesville’s volleyball team is also heading to Bryan tonight for the Region III-3A tournament. The Hornets normally take just one bus to playoff games, but the district has also used a separate bus for students.

In their region quarterfinal against Mexia on Tuesday, the Hornets filled the visiting side of the West High gym.

And don’t forget about the band, drill team and cheerleaders come game nights. The Lampasas cheerleaders normally take Excursions, while the band and drill team take four buses and a trailer.

Like most schools, Lampasas also uses a police escort. The officers usually travel to the game with the band since it’s the last group to leave, then return that night with the football team, since the Badgers, like most teams, have a post-game meal.

The convoys get bigger with larger schools, while some even put together buses for fans. The Copperas Cove athletic booster club did just that this season on away games to Southlake Carroll and Bryan.

During the week, reservations and confirmations are usually just checked to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks.

Each group normally takes care of its own for travel arrangements — football team, band and cheerleaders.

“I just take care of mine and hope we get there,” McQueen joked.

The Badgers will take a pair of charter buses tonight courtesy of the booster club, another added arrangement come playoff time. The bigger buses help as most teams move sub-varsity players up for the postseason. The underclassmen dress out and go through many of the routines as the varsity.

Lampasas is bringing 13 additional players, putting its travel party to 98 people. The Badgers haven’t used charter buses since going to San Angelo last season, a fact McQueen is okay with for his team.

“Charter buses don’t cost games,” he said. “Executing on the field cost games.”

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