On a Thursday or Friday night during, an Ellison Eagles football game, the temperature can reach upwards of 100 degrees.

While numerous ravenous fans sit, sweat, and pray for a cool breeze to appease them, two Ellison students are where hardly anyone else would want to be.

But Quinlaine Cisco and Kimberly Kraft are exactly where they love to be.

The two take turns donning a hot, stuffy mascot suit every quarter where the temperature inside the suit can get up to 145 degrees.


“We drink about a gallon of water during school (hours) and lots of Gatorade during and after games,” Kraft explained of her pregame ritual.

That and a healthy dose of fun.

“I talk to the fun members of the band,” said Cisco“I just talk to people that make me happy,” Kraft added.

Even though each has her own method, the one thing they agreed on was, “No Drama on game day.”Luckily for the duo the heat is the only negative aspect of the suit because they recently acquired new suits, one for each of them. They, of course, are very proud to admit that the suits “smell pretty good.”

If wearing the suit is difficult in the lovely Texas heat, neither mascot shows any discomfort. In fact, the ladies are always peppy and excited to wear the suits. They both have the right personality that its takes to shine as an Eagle.

“I am out there and crazy,” Kraft said, “You just have to be bigger in the suit.”“Yeah, (same for me), I go out there and I’m good,” added Cisco, “I love to interact with the fans, mostly the kids.”

Children have been known to run up to Cisco hollering, “Eagle, Eagle, Ms. Eagle,” at which point she’ll take a picture with the kid.

As Eagles mascots, the ladies use dance and music to pump up the crowd.

“We incorporate each genre into our,” said Cisco; at which point Kraft interjected with a joke, “It’s hard to fit 80s music.”

They each have different reasons why they enjoy the life of the Ellison Eagle.

“I’m glad to be known for being me, rather than because of my mom or brother,” explained Kraft.“I love being out there and having fun,” finished Cisco.

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