Army got it right.

Jeff Monken is an excellent choice to lead the Black Knights in the coming years.

There’s an old axiom: When your toughest competitor becomes their competitor, you’ve got a winning ticket.

From 2002 through 2007, when Monken was an assistant coach at Navy, the Midshipmen defeated Army in each of those seasons.

What’s more, the average winning margin by Navy over Army in those years that Monken was directing the Midshipmen’s rushing attack was 30 points.

And now Monken will become Navy’s headache.

At least that’s the idea.

The annual Army-Navy football clash, many will argue, is the greatest rivalry in all of sports. In five seasons as Army’s head coach, Rich Ellerson couldn’t beat Navy. Which is the primary reason why Ellerson is now looking at the want ads while rewriting his resume.

Monken’s first season as head coach at Georgia Southern was in 2010. At that time, the Eagles were an FCS school. In old-school

terminology, that meant they played mostly Division II foes. This season, Georgia Southern moved up to Division I, now known as FBS.

On Nov. 23, the Florida Gators hosted Georgia Southern. Florida figured it had a cupcake on its schedule the week before playing its archrival Florida State.

Florida figured wrong. Florida was the cupcake.

Monken’s Eagles pulled off a stun-the-nation victory with a 26-20 win over Florida.

And what must warm the heart of any Army fan, Monken’s Eagles defeated the once-ranked No. 10 Gators without completing a pass. Heck, Georgia Southern only threw three passes the entire contest.

Yes, he’ll fit right in at Army.

The worldwide fan base that roots on the Black Knights aren’t asking for much from Monken.

Just defeat that program where he used to be an assistant coach.

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