Saturday 03/01/2014
Food for thought
Posted: March 01, 2014

Have you ever met somebody really interesting and well-rounded? You know the type-outdoorsy, but professional, well-read, world traveler, good cook, artsy and creative, musically inclined, and a handyman who can fix just about anything. The kind that jet off on exciting adventures every year as 21-day backpacking trips into the wild Alaskan back-country or doing missionary work in third-world countries. You know... a BURRITO. A real renaissance man or woman, who is a little bit of everything all thrown into a homemade flour tortilla and rolled up nice and neat. Of course, there are all kinds, some who are more content traveling the world via the National Geographic Channel-couch POTATO; those who are laid-back, easy going and get along with everybody in a variety of settings- SANDWICH; and the old-souls who are slightly aged and mellow for the most part, till you cross them, then they can get a little stinky and sharp- CHEESE.

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