We truly appreciated Tex Appeal’s interest in the Temple Literacy Council benefit last year. We received excellent feedback from your 2013 calendar event posting. Thank you once again!

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Once again when I opened the paper and saw the latest edition of Tex Appeal, my first thought was “YEAH!” It’s beautiful as always! All of the photog-raphy is so colorful and clear. I loved the article on Nan Ray! What a lovely person to showcase. I’ve known her for years. We who love this magazine can tell that you and your staff love it too!

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My husband, Charlie Lewellen, always reads the Temple Daily Telegram before I do, but he knows I get Tex Appeal magazine first! Right away many of the articles in the March issue caught my attention. The “ABCs” article written by Valerie L. Valdez will be read and discussed with our 14-year-old great-granddaughter Megan this weekend. It is an excellent way to open a financial discussion about savings, budgets, cash and credit. We have al-ready had several conversations about her spending habits and this article will help us continue to educate her on finances.

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Disappointed - Cutest Pets in Central Texas

I enjoyed all of the pet shots in your February issue, however I was disappointed there was not one single standard poodle among them. I have had three standard poodles over the last 25 years and I know for sure they are the best, smartest and most handsome pets. I have attached a photo of our newest poodle, Trey.

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Dixie - Cutest Pets in Central Texas

I wanted to thank you for including Dixie in the Cutest Pets in Central Texas feature in February. I was delighted I have attached a photo of a squirrel having breakfast. My husband took it through the window. I hope it makes you smile.

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Bell Extension Education Association members: Vernice Black, Suzanne Smith, Rose Crawford and LaVelle Parsons are all smiles as they display the quilt that will be available by drawing on March 29 at the ninth annual association style show and potato luncheon.

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