Catherine Hosman

Dear Readers,

I have an old ironing board that has served me for a number of years. Recently I thought maybe it was time to trade in the old board for a new one; it still worked, but finding a pad and cover to fit seemed futile.

One day I pulled out my trusted ironing board from its storage place with the intention of donating it and buying an updated version until I noticed something: In big, bold letters on the underside were the words MADE IN AMERICA. I have to tell you, seeing those words changed my mind about trading in a still-functioning piece of household equipment just because I couldn’t find a cover to fit it. Instead, I decided to make my own cover and keep my precious Made in America ironing board.

Over the years it’s become harder and harder to find things made in America. Most household items are outsourced overseas to manufacturers that may or may not have the same quality standards that American manufacturers had, or have, referring to those manufacturers still operating — some of them here in Texas.

From boots to books, medical equipment to olive oil, whiskey, wine, art, soda, candy, and a host of other items, there is an abundance of quality products manufactured or grown right here in Central Texas.

To introduce you to a few, we talked to our local farmers markets’ coordinators and asked them to identify some of the more unique products available. It was not an easy choice to make. We have dozens of quality producers of homemade and handcrafted products and natural farmers who produce high-quality meats, eggs, produce, honey, herbs and spices.

But I had to narrow it down. So have a seat, flip the pages and learn about some of your neighbors who produce quality products made in Texas, such as Edith Rodriguez of Three Bandits Dog Barkery in Killeen (page 11), and Johnny Jim and Billy Bob Lastovica of Lastovica Jewelers in Temple, who design, handcraft and cast their original gold and silver jewelry designs (page 35). Come with us on an adventure that makes Texas women strong with Women in the Outdoors (page 39); and browse some of the Made in Texas delights that await you at our local farmers markets (page 29).

And remember to send me your ideas of interesting places, people and events to introduce to our readers.

Happy shopping!

Catherine Hosman

Tex Appeal Editor

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