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WHO & WHEN: Texas Law requires couples to obtain their marriage license at least 72 hours before they are to be married. Exceptions to the 72 hours: Active military status — OR — a waiver issued by a judge.

LICENSE EXPIRES 90 DAYS FROM THE DAY YOU BUY IT: Senate Bill 1317, Sec. 2.201 now allows 90 days before the license will expire.

WHERE: A marriage license can be obtained in any county clerk’s office in Texas and can be used in any Texas county. For example, a couple may purchase their marriage license in Travis County and be married in Williamson County, Dallas County, or any other Texas county they choose. Contact your local county clerk’s office for location, hours and acceptable payment types.

IDENTIFICATION: Couples will need at least one form of ID to obtain their marriage license, such as a current driver’s license, certified copy of their birth certificate, or current passport/visa.

ABSENT APPLICANT/PROXY: If either of the couple cannot be present to obtain the marriage license, an “Absent Applicant” form can be used.

If the “Absent Applicant” will not be present to exchange wedding vows, then a “PROXY” needs to be named on the Absent Application form and on the marriage license. Be sure your “Proxy” will be available when you need them.

Contact your local clerk’s office for information.

YOUR MARRIAGE LICENSE: Be sure to proofread your marriage license before leaving the clerk’s office. The spelling of your name on a marriage license legally affects you. Brides — your name will not change on this document. You have to get married first. When your officiant signs the license and the county has recorded your marriage, then you may have your last name changed on your driver’s license, bank account, Social Security Card, etc.

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