Twenty-first century technology has touched nearly every aspect of wedding planning, and finding the perfect flowers is no exception.

Phil Enderle, owner of Marvel’s Florist in Killeen said he works 15 to 20 weddings a year and 50 percent of the brides don’t even open the FTD book he has in his shop.

“They bring in photos from Pinterest or ask if they can email photos. They send me two email photos they really like and we look at it in consultation,” he said.

Like everything else when it comes to planning a wedding, cost varies depending on the time of year and type of flowers. Sometimes a bride may see an image on the internet that is what they think they want until they hear the price for those imported peonies or orchids.

“We give them a ballpark figure. Cost varies depending on flowers used,” he said, adding that brides who come in and bring photos are often better prepared.

Depending on the flowers a bride wants, the complexity of her bouquet and other bridal flowers, as well as the date of the wedding determines when it is the best time to book your florist.

“If it’s December and your heart is set on peonies, we need to order those six months ahead,” he said. “We use alternative markets. Peonies are grown year-round worldwide. If your wedding is in February, the peonies come from Israel.”

Most of the flowers Marvel’s uses are purchased at markets. Locally, he said he has used larkspur.

Brides need to make contact with their florist as soon as they start planning the wedding.

“Know the colors then nail it down four to five months out,” he said.

The required deposit at Marvel’s Florist is $100 “to hold whatever you want,” he said. Brides can make monthly payments to reduce the final balance that is due in full two weeks before the wedding.

Enderle said he does offer a cancellation policy, but it varies depending on reasons and timing.

Different price options are available for brides. If they see a picture of a cascading or teardrop bouquet that busts the budget, substituting flowers can give them the same look for less.

“We will work within their budget as long as it is reasonable,” Enderle said.

Green is the color of the year and bouquets are being created with variegated foliage, succulents, and even artichokes. Green buttons (chrysanthemums) can be seen as accent color in bouquets.

Roses still top the list of flower choices for brides. Also popular are mini calla lilies, stephanotis, baby orchids and hydrangeas. Tulips are always a great sign of spring and summer, but Enderle said tulips have a mind of their own and “you can’t control them.”

“They continue to grow, even after they are cut and placed in a bouquet or on a boutonnière,” he said. “The best flowers are spray roses or the garden variety rose.

“Brides who come in are already sold and come in here for service. We will work with whatever (ideas) they bring in within reason.”

Catherine Hosman is editor of Tex Appeal Magazine. Contact her at or 54-501-7511.

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