This year’s options for wedding gowns are almost unlimited. Brides can choose between traditional, fit and flair or ball gowns. There are more color options as well, with champagne and off white leading the rainbow. Yet, somehow, a bride knows when she has found the right dress.

Betty Lockhart of Cinderella Couture said demand for popular gowns is often influenced by the high fashion runways, celebrity wedding dresses, and style itself.

One of the current trends in wedding gowns, she said, is long sleeves.

“It’s becoming quite common for brides to cover their arms on their wedding day,” she said. “Long sleeves range from off the shoulder, the cold shoulder or the bell sleeve.”

Lockhart said long sleeve dresses regained popularity through the inspiration of the royal wedding in 2011 when Britain’s Prince William married Katherine Middleton and the country welcomed her into the royal family.

“Let’s not stop there,” Lockhart said. “She was not the first princess to wear long sleeves. In 1956, Grace Kelly’s gown featured a similar silhouette when she married the Prince of Monaco. The constant search for vintage inspiration is what’s keeping the long sleeves and lace around. Looking back at glamorous actresses Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, it’s no surprise that we want to borrow their chic style.”

Lockhart said figure-hugging, fit and flare gowns that show off a bride’s silhouette are still in style.

“Sheer fabrics for the neckline, off the shoulder long sleeves, plunging backs, bows at the waistline and a long veil is the trending look,” she said. “And the bottom of the dress flares into a gentle trumpet shape.”

Ball gowns with layered skirts, especially handkerchief bottoms, are gaining popularity.

“Colors have shifted from white and off white to champagne, nude, sand, ivory and light gold for wedding gowns,” Lockhart said. “Bridesmaids are having the time of their lives with the return of burgundy, rose and gold, as well as rose gold.”

Also trending are shorter bridesmaids’ dresses that are flirty and fun to wear, she said.

Catherine Hosman is editor of Tex Appeal Magazine. Contact her at or 54-501-7511.

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