9 to 12 months before

  • Set an initial budget
  • Secure wedding date and time
  • Consider type of wedding (day/night, indoor/outdoor, formal/casual
  • Research and select ceremony location
  • Select reception location
  • Select music: for ceremony and for reception
  • Select caterer
  • Select florist
  • Consider printed materials: save the dates, invitations, etc.
  • Confirm officiate at the ceremony
  • Set aside blocks of hotel/motel rooms for out of town guests
  • Book photographer
  • Book videographer
  • Consider other entertainment

6 to 9 months before

  • Select wedding cake vendor
  • Consider rehearsal dinner or other events
  • Book transportation
  • Order invitations

4 to 6 months before

  • Prepare guest list for addressing invitations
  • Select and order the invitations and stationery
  • Confirm vendors
  • Order personalized items: cake cutter, topper, guest book, all accessories
  • Hire the limousine or other forms of transportation

2 to 4 months before

  • Confirm the menu and catering details with the caterer
  • Prepare all maps and directions for the ceremony and reception
  • Set the dates and times with the officiate for the rehearsal
  • Plan the bridesmaids’ luncheon and any other parties
  • Design and print the wedding program for the ceremony
  • Finalize the florist details, photographer, videographer, musicians, etc.
  • Plan a rehearsal dinner
  • Confirm the wedding cake details with the baker

6 to 8 weeks before

  • Mail invitations and announcements
  • Coordinate portrait sitting with photographer for the newspaper

4 to 6 weeks before

  • Decide on menu for reception and estimate guest count
  • Confirm florist details and delivery times
  • Print out place cards and plan the seating for the reception
  • Iron out details for ceremony and reception line-up
  • Select music for ceremony, first dance, parent dances, and party

2 to 4 weeks before

  • Monitor arrival of ordered items
  • Confirm vendors
  • Order permits or licensing where needed

1 week before

  • Review any seating details and finalize seating arrangements
  • Confirm all vendors
  • Delegate responsibilities to individuals for wedding day

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