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In six months or less you will be walking down the aisle towards the man who will share your life. Everything is in place: the venue is secured, vendors are lined up, and the dress is ordered. While your wedding planner or coordinator is taking care of the wedding details, it’s time for you …

If it’s Tuesday at the Harker Heights Armed Services YMCA, Registered Dietitian Carey Stites is in the test kitchen getting ready to teach a group of 7- to 13-year-olds how to cook. She doesn’t focus on food pyramids or plates divided into quarters of lean meat, fruits, vegetables and a star…

Finding time to exercise is a challenge. Finding the right exercise, one you will actually do, takes trial and error. For some, the gym is the right place to work out, but for others, training with a small group or independently is a better option.

Whether we’re at home, at work or on the go, distractions abound. Smartphones, email, text messaging and social media are always within reach. We listen for the buzz, ding or ring, notifying us of a new message.

In a society where busyness is the norm, intentionally taking time to be mindfully aware of ourselves and our surroundings can feel foreign or selfish.

Relax your body. Slow, lengthen, and deepen your breathing. Clear your mind. These are the gentle, calming directives Simone Tucker typically gives students at the beginning of every yoga class she teaches.

“It’s noodle time” is not a common phrase heard in a swimming pool, but when Kathleen McDonald says it, all of her water divas, and a few divos, know what she means — more fun and challenging exercises in the water. Five times a week, McDonald, a certified water instructor, takes her student…

At any grocery store checkout stand, magazine covers tout fit-looking models with stories promising new weight loss secrets and workout plans. TV ads hawk fitness equipment and nutritional supplements.

In this 21st century of high technology where everything is expected in a nanosecond, how do you avoid the pitfalls of overprocessed, pre-packaged and fast food most likely laden with pesticides, antibiotics and whatever other chemicals deemed safe for use in our foods?

Charter member Colleen Isdale, front center, and founding member Colleen Bockhold, behind Isdale, get ready to lead their group, Women on Wheels, around Belton Lake. Along for the ride are several men who join in for the fun and benefits of cycling.

Shelly White, left, and Beau Wiist enjoy a Sunday ride around Belton Lake with Women on Wheels.

On a day better suited for sailing than bicycle riding, heavy winds pushed 16 bikers into a low crouch. Heads down. Elbows in. Feet, calves and thighs pumping up and down. Calls of “car up” echoed down the line of riders pushing along Sparta Road.

Imagine a woman who weighs 125 pounds, can deadlift 330 pounds, bench press 159 pounds and squat 242 pounds in a powerlifting competition, then switches gears to make designer draperies.

Rudy and Karen Gonzales demonstrate West Coast Swing dance moves at In the Mood Ballroom.

Owners of In the Mood Ballroom of Temple, TX, Rudy and Karen Gonzales, teach types of dance from West Coast Swing, Jitterbug, and Waltz.

Ballroom dancing may not be the first activity one thinks about when the term “workout” comes up, but dancing provides people with a myriad of healthy benefits. “You’re not going to get ready for ‘Dancing with the Stars,’” joked instructor Rudy Gonzalez, who along with his wife Karen, owns “…

Tetyana Hanna uses food-grade natural oils in all her products with the philosophy that “if you can eat it, then it can go on your skin.” She added, “Everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies, anyway.”

Yoga has been around for roughly 5,000 years and shows no signs of fading away anytime soon. The list of health and fitness benefits of yoga is long, which could account for its longevity.

But the secret lies not in products you buy, but within your own body and soul. Exercise is the BEST anti-aging remedy out there. Simply put, it’s time to MOVE it!