Improve health through proper nutrition

Janelle Dietze has always been interested in nutrition, but having a morbidly obese roommate in college made her passionate about empowering people to improve their health through healthier eating.

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Phase Organic Café dishes up healthy, whole food meals

Alice Faye Hill didn’t plan to open an organic café. But when she started researching healthy eating options for her health, she gained a wealth of knowledge and began cooking homemade whole foods meals for friends and family. “I was starting to look at chronic illnesses like arthritis, diabetes, and found out about things that made me healthy,” Hill said.

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Great American Smokeout Inspires Women to Quit

It started at age 17 when she sneaked one of her mother’s cigarettes. Three decades later, Karoline Spengler-Moore was still hooked, averaging a pack and a half per day.

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Battling the Blemish

With modern photo-editing software, everyone can have flawless skin on paper.

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