Most valuable

TOOL in her BAG

My notebook and pen are essential. I am a chronic list maker — groceries, meal plans, to-do lists — and I also use it to take meeting notes. I guess I’m pretty old-fashioned, because I’d much rather write it down with pen and paper than use my phone. There is something so satisfying about physically crossing an item off a to-do list.

Do you have a signature beauty product you are known for wearing or using?

Scarves. I love scarves, and wear them pretty much year-round. It’s fun to take a simple outfit and dress it up with a brightly colored scarf. They’re also functional; when the office is cold (as mine often is), they provide an extra layer of warmth.

Do you have a helpful hint to share with readers?

I try to keep healthy snacks on hand, in my purse or my car (fruit, almonds, protein bar). It’s much easier to make healthy food choices when I have them readily available.

Dolce and Gabbana, Scarlet 195: This gorgeous, vibrant red lipstick is long lasting and has a beautiful, light fragrance to it. I always carry red just in case I need a more dramatic look.

Best tip in her bag

"When court is in session, I have to speak very softly, which also means leaning in close to my clients. Since chewing gum is not allowed in court, I carry Lifesavers in my purse for a breath freshener."