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Beauty in the Bag


How do you stay beautiful on the go?

Each month Tex Appeal peeks inside the bag of one busy woman to reveal her best beauty secrets and must-have essentials.


CELL PHONE As a self-employed business owner and mother of two, I have to stay accessible and connected to my business whenever I am out of the store.

HEALTHY DEFENSE Daily moisturizer by Neutrogena.

HAND SANITIZER by Germ-X With two young children in tow, keeping little hands clean is always a necessity.

COLORSTAY LIPSTICK BY REVLON A long-lasting lipstick that requires only one application daily. Who has the time to worry about touch-ups?

SUNCREEN Always important when you stay on the go, especially with two active children.

Most valuable TOOL in her BAG

“Being the mother of a special needs child, I’ve learned to adapt and stay prepared for even the littlest things, like needing to open an item you just purchased at the store because it simply cannot wait until you get home. Hence, I always carry a small multi-task tool in my purse that has a small blade and screwdriver. With this tool on hand, I’ve been able to avoid many frustrating situations that may sound trite to some until witnessed.”