Today’s brides have options when it comes to getting ready for their nuptials. They can visit a salon to get their hair done then return home to apply their makeup before slipping into their gown; have a pampering party for their bridesmaids at a local spa, or on-site at the venue if it has a comfortable dressing room, or go it alone at their favorite salon to have some much-needed me time before walking down the aisle.

Amber Beronio, owner of Blonde Salon & Spa said it isn’t necessarily important for a bride to pamper herself before she says “I do.”

“But when you spend as much money as brides do on their wedding, getting pampered goes hand in hand,” she said. “It’s a big day for the brides who come in to get their eyelashes done, get a spray tan or treat themselves to a facial. It helps them relax for the day.”

For brides who want the works — beyond a hairstyle and makeup application — Beronio said a lot of brides are opting for micro-dermabrasion to exfoliate their facial skin.

“Brides come in a week or two before the wedding and this helps them prep their skin,” she said. “Their makeup goes on better, their face is brighter and more luminous.”

Brides who want eyelash extensions should visit the spa a couple days prior the wedding, she said. “It takes a couple of hours. Anything we can do to be prepped beforehand is great.”

To apply extensions, individual lashes are applied using a special adhesive and they can last two weeks. “They come out when you shed your natural lashes,” she explained.

It’s not just the brides who like to be pampered. Sometimes husbands-to-be go along for their own brand of preparation. While the bride is having her lashes extended, the groom is getting a massage. Couples massages also are available, as well as couples pedicures (yes, men get pedicures) and facials.

Upon request, Beronio said she will get a crew together to go to a bride’s house where the entire bridal party can prepare. “We will go on location to do hair and makeup,” she said. “Sometimes it’s at home or a venue that has a room set up just for that.”

To reserve spa time either at the salon, at home or the venue, brides need to book at least six months in advance to ensure that the salon has enough stylists for that date. Depending on the salon’s schedule — Saturdays are the busiest days — she said they might be able to accept a booking as short as two months out. Prices vary and location appointments cost extra to cover mileage and staff.

One month before the wedding Beronio recommends booking a consultation date or trial run to she can be sure of her clients’ wants.

“We want to give them what they want, find stylists that will work well with them, everyone is a little different,” she said. “Knowing what brides want in advance is very helpful.”

With a consultation Beronio said she can determine if the bride wants jewels or decorations placed in her hair. Brides should bring their veil or headpiece to the consult to be sure which hairstyle will work best.

“As a stylist you want brides to be completely satisfied with their look,” she said. But getting brides and their parties prepared for the day isn’t all work. Beronio likes to make the day a fun event and clients who come in with their family and friends are treated to mimosas while they wait.

“Some of these bride’s I’ve taken care of since they were in elementary school,” she said. “Now I get to be a part of their big day.”

Catherine Hosman is editor of Tex Appeal Magazine. Contact her at or 54-501-7511.

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