Natural, homemade dog treats fit for champions

Some people with dogs have signs on their doors or windows saying “Beware of Dog,” maybe with the image of an intimidating canine staring you down. Not Edith Rodriguez, founder, owner and baker of Three Bandits Dog Barkery.

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Keeping It Clean

Publisher and Western author Francis Louis Guy Smith of Belton loves Texas, Western and Native American history, God and helping others realize their literary dreams.

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The Game Changer

What happens when a professional life coach gets involved with a team of young athletes? They start winning — not just games but in life.

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Steered to Serve

Keith Wallace, aka “Hot Rod,” is one fellow who truly wears many hats. A rocking musician who dons a colorful and unique wardrobe of wigs, sunglasses and even sequined jackets, Hot Rod knows how to rev up a crowd with an outrageous stage performance. However, it’s his full-time gig that really shifts his life’s passion into gear as the executive director of the Central Texas Youth Services Bureau.

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Fiddling with Love

When Nan Ray, founder of the Texas Western Swing Heritage Association of Bell County, hears Western Swing a tidal wave of things rush to mind. However, first and foremost is always love, and her late husband of 57 years, Durwood “Mitz” Ray.

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Texas Western Swing History

Ranch life is hard work and even lonely, as it usually means living far out in the country in isolated locations, miles from the nearest neighbor or town. As a result, music has always played an instrumental role within rural agriculture communities. Like a magnet, it pulls people out and brings them together, creating friendships and bonds that last for lifetimes.

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