CANstruction Belton is a three-day even that teams up with the community to build enormous structures from canned goods, which are then used to fill the Helping Hands Ministry food pantry. Each week the ministry serves more then 3,400 people through its client-choice food pantry. The first in Bell County to offer a client-choice food pantry, Helping Hands Ministry encourages those in need to come in for help with groceries. Food is allotted based on family size, and client can choose from a variety of healthy foods including fresh produce, pasta, beans, meats, breads and boxed and canned products.

"We can provide both immediate relief and development support," Rucker Preston, executive director. "immediate relief is giving someone hungry a fish, while out development program, that include education and employment resources, teach them how to get out of poverty - or basically "how to fish"

Helping Hands is a community ministry where more then 30 local churches unite to work together. "Regardless of our religious differences, we are all centrally focused on the same thing - serving the poor," Rucker said. With only a small full-time staff and a handful of regular volunteers, Helping Hands provides a wealth of programs and services to the local community. CANstruction Belton is crucial to supporting the Helping Hands mission and in keeping the food pantry stocked, "Food donations in the spring are very low, and CANstruction Belton helps us stock up the pantry, which sustains us for quite a few months," Rucker said.

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