When is the “right” age to have a medical aesthetic, cosmetic, or plastic surgery procedure? Is there more to beauty than what other people see? Who else plays a role in the formation of self worth?

These are just some of the questions that will be addressed at the upcoming Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Conference presented by the Mothers Teach Your Daughters Community Program (MTYDCP) on Saturday, June 28. The conference will feature keynote speakers Dr. Charles N. Verheyden, M.D., PhD., Dr. James Anderson, and Anna D. Rinehart.

Dr. Charles Verheyden, former President of the Plastic Surgery Foundation, is currently the Director of Plastic Surgery at Scott & White Hospital. Dr. Verheyden will begin the conference by addressing two seemingly disparate topics: an overview of cosmetic surgery procedures and a clinical perspective on aging, as well as the role that fathers play in influencing their daughters’ sense of self confidence and personal beauty. Verheyden will discuss several different cosmetic procedures and explain the underlying medical processes of aging, focusing on overall health as opposed to “quick fix” solutions. Marrying the idea of medical health with emotional health, Verheyden will then discuss the internal aspects of a woman’s self image that are shaped at an early age by her father, and how this self image contributes to a woman’s overall beauty and even the trajectory of her life. He will include specific coaching for fathers seeking to learn how they might influence their own daughters’ self confidence for good.

Extrapolating from Verheyden, Dr. James Anderson, Economics Professor and Chancellor Emeritus of Central Texas College where he led for 20 years, will address how fathers can teach their daughters about economics and education from an early age, which also greatly impacts how their daughters will live as they mature to adulthood.

Rounding out the conference, Anna D. Rinehart, CIDESCO Diplomate, Founder and Former President of MTYDCP and Director of Medical Aesthetics FACE™, will integrate Verheyden’s focus on beauty, aging and the influence of fathers with Anderson’s focus on the economic influence of fathers to present a broader view of the “psycho-social dynamics of beauty and health” and the impact that fathers have on society as a whole. Rinehart will address how the new norm of the “fatherless family” came about, how it is impacting not only women but our entire nation and how we can respond.

Rinehart, who is also organizing the conference, has stated that the twofold message of the “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Conference” is to “groom our children to have strong confidence about themselves” and to emphasize the positive impact of fathers beyond that of mere genetics and financial support. She was encouraged to focus the conference on these topics as a result of men who called in and specifically asked for more focus on issues that included fathers in the family. Both men and women from ages 18-88 are encouraged to attend, as the topics are highly relevant for both sexes.

Rinehart began the Mothers Teach Your Daughters Community Program as “a call to action for our communities and our families.” She believes that while not everyone has access to the topics discussed at MTYDCP conferences through church, school or home life, the program provides them a “way in” to address important issues. She stated that “it is a platform to lift each other up and to bring each of us to a better place.” Rinehart further said, “If we reached out from the family first, we would not need so many social reforms.” Her hope is that MTYDCP will allow families to reconnect and revitalize our nation from the inside out.

Rinehart herself is certified as a CIDESCO Diplomate, holding an international diploma of recognition in medical aesthetics after having been trained and examined by international standards which are much more rigorous than any in the U.S. As the chief “entrepreneur and acknowledged pioneer for medical aesthetics,” Rinehart was recently invited to an international conference hosted by China and Singapore where over twenty of the U.S.’ top C.E.O.’s will discuss the integration of medical aesthetics as an established discipline in the healthcare system.

The Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Conference will be held at the Homebuilders Association Banquet Hall in Harker Heights from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. on June 28. There is no charge for admission or solicitation for donations, as both the conference and Mothers Teach Your Daughters Community Program is wholly funded by Rinehart’s own business profits from Medical Aesthetics FACE™.

While anyone can attend, those who register for the conference ahead of time by phone, e-mail or online will be entered to win from $150 to $1,000 as credit toward classes held at Central Texas College. Every registrant will also receive a gift at the conference for their participation.

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