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If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you’ll find lots of options to savor in a new cookbook by James Beard Cookbook Award finalist Terry Thompson-Anderson. Her collaboration with photographer Sandy Wilson features the best breakfasts in Texas.

“Discovering Westcave,” by S. Christopher Caran and Elaine Davenport, published by Texas A&M University Press 2016, is not your typical guidebook, one that merely points out the native flora and fauna of a particular place or region. But it’s not merely a coffee table book either; chock …

I don’t have much time to garden, nor do I particularly have a green thumb, but if I did have the time or some semblance of a gardener’s touch, I’d be referring to the 2016 edition of Howard Garrett’s book, “Texas Gardening the Natural Way” (University of Texas Press).

If I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t excited about reading this book. I started with the synopsis on the cover — I like to know a little about what I’m devoting an afternoon to reading before I start — and it didn’t really pique my interest.

Everyone experiences grief, loss, pain and trauma in their lives at one time or another. For Bev Desalvo, author of “Return to Joy,” a NavPress publication, the trauma was so profound that it kept her in an emotional place of hiding for most of her life.

From the opening passage, it’s clear mystery is at the heart of Beth Moore’s first novel, “The Undoing of Saint Silvanus.” It begins with a gunshot on Christmas Eve in 1921 in a church in New Orleans. Quickly jumping to the present day, that church is now a home of sorts — a collection of apartments and the holder of long-buried secrets waiting to surface.

Music is a universal language. Whether instrumental or with words, and regardless of age or style, music speaks to us all. It can soothe heartache, calm rage, incite euphoria — mirror whatever emotion we feel in the moment.

I love books — those bound pages of the written words that can take a reader on a magic carpet ride to faraway places or to distant times past. Not only do they take me to places I may never get to see in person, they also teach me about cultures and eras so different from my own, but eerily similar. I can’t imagine not being able to read.

Love, faith and family are at the heart of Becky Wade’s latest novel, “Her One and Only,” as the youngest Porter sibling — a now 26-year-old Dru — takes center stage in the final installment of Wade’s four-part series.

Sometimes gardening books are complicated, formulaic or intimidating with lots of data and complex charts. Information overload! But in Cheryl Beesley’s new book, “Landscaping with Edible Plants in Texas,” published by Texas A&M University Press, she takes a natural approach, like she’s …

Lisa Wingate’s latest novel, “The Sea Keeper’s Daughters,” is the final book in a trilogy that revolves around a family mystery that spans decades. Once again Wingate takes her readers on an eloquent trip through time as she travels from the 19th century to the 21st century.

In her book, “Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World: How One Family Learned that Saying No Can Lead to Life’s Biggest Yes,” published by Tyndale Momentum, Texas author, mom and wife, Kristen Welch, describes the day that she and her husband identified entitlement in their children.

“God and Churchill,” by Jonathan Sandys and Wallace Henley, a Tyndale Momentum publication, is a literary journey into the spiritual dimension of Sandys’ great-grandfather, Sir Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 during World War II, and again from 1…

In a flash. That’s all it takes to fall in love with “Flash: The Homeless Donkey Who Taught Me about Life, Faith and Second Chances,” by Rachel Anne Ridge

Have you ever wondered about those majestic oak trees you see dotting the Texas landscape? In their book, “Famous Trees of Texas,” celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Texas A&M Forest Service, authors Gretchen Riley and Peter D. Smith take you on a journey across land and time as th…

Millers Smokehouse in Belton has become the go-to place for a hearty plate of smoked brisket, turkey, pork and sausage, not to mention all the trimmings.

For Joey and Charlie Daniel, tying the knot was more than just a metaphor for exchanging wedding vows. The couple met on Belton Lake, introduced by mutual sailing friends. Their first date was aboard a Spirit 23 sailboat.

“Quintessential Style: Cultivate and Communicate Your Signature Look,” by Janna Beatty and Sharon White, goes beyond the how-to of style to discuss the why. Beatty’s aim is to guide women in creating a sense of personal style by delving into who they are as individuals, then teaching them ho…

For a common sense approach to changing your physical, financial and emotional health, “Should I Fire My Doctor: Eleven Essential Elements to Living WELL Aware,” by Patricia J. Sulak, M.D., is an easy-to-read book packed with the wisdom of the ages.

There are at least two compelling reasons to read a newly released book entitled “In the Governor’s Shadow,” about former Texas governors James and Miriam (aka Ma and Pa) Ferguson. In this account, author Carol Wilson of Temple weaves a lesson in Texas history into the story of this famous n…

Myka Allen-Johnson left her teaching job after she had her life threatened, thumb broken, and hair torn out. But that was just the warm-up routine. Now she's here to talk about how crazy her life has been since then, after she became a real estate professional.