St. Patrick and Easter are the next set of holidays that are festive for a lot of people however it also means, you have to spend money on food, party supplies and clothes. Especially with Easter, it can be quite costly. Shop for the best deals now to save lots of money.

Update: My grandmother passed away peacefully January 25, 2018 at 1 p.m. surrounded by her immediate family, including myself. 

When I am getting low on funds on my Starbucks Reward Card, I go to Cardpool to buy discounted gift cards! I NEVER PAY FULL PRICE FOR GIFT CARDS!!! (Let alone, Starbucks drinks! Plus I get my stars to get my free drinks!)

One of our favorite restaurants to eat at is Chili's. My daughter LOVES the kid's pizza menu with a side of fruit or fries. I love their Ancho Salmon, Chicken Fajitas and the Bacon Ranch Quesadilla!

Savealotmom and the Killeen Daily Herald is offering a free coupon workshop for those who are interested in saving money from 6-8 p.m. October 30. The workshop will be at the VFW Post 3892, 201 VFW Drive, Harker Heights.

As a couponer, I do come across deals at Sam's that are actually better when I find sales with coupons! One less step yet amazing prices! Even though they do not accept manufacturer coupons, they do offer their own special offers! With membership, you will get postal mail of their latest deals.

My seven year old daughter and I were driving around Harker Heights and saw this adorable popcorn shop called Pop CornUtopia on Miller's Crossing (across from the post office)! We stopped in and we were greeted by the lovely Amy Summerill who owns, along with her husband Troy, the company.

For anyone that is starting out on the savings bandwagon, couponing can be extremely overwhelming. Even as an intermediate, there are times that you feel like you are pulled in different directions mentally. 

Most parents and students do most of the back to school shopping right before school starts to prepare them for the school year but what about throughout the year? Students will eventually need to buy more supplies, clothes and food at some point, right? Even though the back to school sales …

 I follow TKO Nutrition on Facebook and through their website because they are ALWAYS providing discounts and donating part of their proceeds to various organizations. 

Are your kids bored already? Are they lacking the creative funk? Give them some inspiration by painting rocks and surprising complete strangers! Do your kids like to draw and paint? Are they full of wisdom and want to share a quote? Get the creative juices flow and let the scavenger hunt begin!

Five years ago, I was at the heights of extreme couponing. It felt like the deals just fell in my hands and it was such an exciting feeling to get so much for so little. Oh, and my stockpile? It was big and beautiful! However, during the last 6 months of this type of adventure, I slowly sway…

In the course of 3 months, I have received several bags for free from various special events. I keep these bags and fold them up and keep them in my coupon bag. I also have reusable bags that are super small when folded but big when I unroll them and I usually keep a few in my purse. Of cour…

 Cinemark Theaters is offering a summer program where kids can watch their favorite movies for $1! Click HERE for more information and participating locations! After you click on the nearest theater, there will be a coupon for a $1 off Kids Snack Pack!

If you have kids or know someone who has kids, share this fabulous program! This is a summer program that offers FREE bowling for kids up to 15 years old! (Shoe rentals are not included.) The program has "holiday coupons" so you can bowl before the program starts!

If you are active military, you can get your admission tickets for FREE! Sea World has a program called "Waves of Honor". You can get one complimentary ticket per year for each immediate family member, up to 4 members in the family.

Across the U.S., there are couponers who post photos of their fabulous purchases on Facebook, Instagram, blogs and other websites to share and brag about their purchases.

After couponing for several years, I found a comfort zone in prices that I want to pay. I created my own guideline of prices that I am willing to pay. For all the new couponers, even the intermediates, this may help you to provide insight of what's a decent price. Use this as a guideline to …

Couponing can be a lot of work and confusing if you don’t give yourself certain guidelines to start with.

I often get questions from my followers about how to save money on healthier foods. It seems nowadays, coupons are for junk food and candies. For 2017, I decided to amp up on sharing more recipes that are healthy yet share where to find the best deals on fruits and vegetables.

Coupon Information Center is a resourceful website that has up to date lists of counterfeit coupons, information about the latest couponing changes and even discusses ethical couponing! (my favorite topic!)