My seven year old daughter and I were driving around Harker Heights and saw this adorable popcorn shop called Pop CornUtopia on Miller's Crossing (across from the post office)! We stopped in and we were greeted by the lovely Amy Summerill who owns, along with her husband Troy, the company.
They have a huge selection of flavored popcorn, all made from scratch! Amy and Troy do not use premixes! The team have spent hours devising and perfecting their recipes with different spices for the right flavors.
Right now, they have a rewards program where you get five stars, you get $5 off your purchase! While you are there, you get a star for purchasing $5 or more and when you get the text message, enter your email address and get another star! TWO STARS ALREADY! AND....they offer 10% military discount!
I am all about supporting locally owned businesses and when they offer discounts and/or rewards program? Even better!
Stop by and try samples of the variety of flavors! I love the Key Lime Pie, Birthday Cake, Ebony & Ivory and the movie theater popcorn! It is so hard to choose what to buy!
"LIKE" them in Facebook HERE and sign up for emails either through their rewards program or through their website HERE.
On Instagram HERE and on Twitter HERE

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